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Rolling doors secure a business’ dock, bay, or store front. Site preparation available. We can take down walls, run the power feed, and haul away decommissioned doors.

The Security of Steel

For wide access to a dock or shipping and receiving bay, where security is paramount, our steel roll up service doors are the perfect solution. With a variety of steel gauge curtains available, and numerous safety and control options to choose from, your service door can be configured exactly as needed.

American Door’s steel roll up doors have a variety of slat style options as well, including single crown, flat slat, fenestrated, perforated, and security grille. We have heavy duty, and insulated models too. We do complete installation, including site preparation and electrical hookup.

Keep the Heat Where it Belongs

If you need your rolling door to be energy efficient, the AM625 heavy duty Insulated Roll Up Door is right for the job. With its foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and all around weatherseal, it keeps wind, water, and heat just where you want it. It also saves money on the energy bill.

Our AM625 Insulated Roll Up Door has many options. Choose from over 200 colors; aluminum, steel, or stainless steel slats; vision lites; numerous safety systems; and motorization as well.

Safety and Fire Protection

Our fire-rated coiling roll up doors keep the danger at bay during crucial times. Because they are NFPA and UL compliant, you can be sure your team will be safe when it matters the most. They are also quieter, and operate more smoothly due to their viscous governor technology.

Our steel fire-rated roll up doors have many options as well, including smoke detectors, special release devices, horns, strobes, and firerated vision lites that allow visibility through the door.

Model 610 – the best selling door of our line. Stormtite™ Model 620 is an ideal choice for keeping climate-controlled air in and the elements out. Available to fit openings up to 30’4″x 28’4″ (9246 mm x 8636 mm), these doors are fabricated of 18- to 24-gauge galvanized steel (depending upon door width), and can withstand wind loads up to 20 psf. Interlocking slats with endlocks ensure a tight fit while minimizing lateral movement.

Design versatility is afforded by a wide array of options, including a selection of slat profiles; curtain materials, finishes and colors; electric operation, and special features for unique applications. Each of our rolling service doors is configured for precise fitting of components, simpler installation, lower maintenance costs and trouble-free operation for life. The result is a door tough enough to perform exceptionally well in demanding industrial environments – and attractive enough to meet exacting aesthetic requirements.

Great for Retail, Schools, and Hospitals

For a stylish way to seal an area, the security grille is a popular solution. With its aluminum tracks and quiet operation, rolling security grilles blend in easily. They are great for office and institutional environments, and they present a strong barrier to entry. You can add an emergency egress system, as well.

There are many options to choose from such as color, curtain pattern, and a variety of safety and control systems. Roll up security grilles are suitable for interior and exterior applications. They can be incorporated as the entire security door, or can be used as part of any coiling curtain where visibility or ventilation is required.

Fenestrated Slats for Light and Air Flow

If your space needs ventilation while maintaining security, or your bay needs visibility even when it’s closed, a fenestrated roll up door may be your solution. Add punched slats to your roll up door project, and you can improve ventilation and visibility to the work space.

American Door has a variety of patterns to chose from, and you can mix and match the treatment with most other options such as a pass door, security grille, and even curved slats. Most or just part of the rolling door can be treated according to specifications. It’s a simple solution for increasing safety and improving air quality.

Pass Through Doors Add Functionality

If you don’t need to open your rolling door every time you use the passage, adding a man door or wicket door may be the answer. They are convenient to use, and can be added to most rolling steel doors when ordering.

The wicket door frame is constructed of sturdy steel, and can be hinged to swing free of the opening, allowing maximum use of the bay passage when needed. They work well with motorized doors too, as they allow the rolling curtain to move freely during operation.

Go Big or Go Home

When every other door just can’t fill your frame, our Titan Model 800 Rolling Steel Door just might be your answer. Maxing out at a whopping 70 feet wide by 90 feet tall, this enormous service door is the toughest beast of them all.

Boasting of half foot single crown slats and cast iron, zinc-plated windlocks, the Titan Model 800 can withstand 85+ mph winds, and even has options allowing for operation during extreme weather. It can also be designed even more rugged.

Lockable Mini Self-Storage Doors Get it Done

Our mini roll up metal sheet doors are a great solution for self-storage facilities, concession stands, or any light use commercial area where security is needed. Their simple, industrial design and smaller size are tailored for those who need to “get it done”.

Built with hot dipped, galvanized steel, and your choice of locking mechanisms, this coiling door has no problem securing an area. To ensure easy operation, it uses a heavy-duty axle and counterbalancing system paired with steel oil-tempered springs. Your sheet door will roll up and down smooth and easy every time.

A Line of Strong and Lightweight Doors With Visual Appeal

The EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors offer a wide range of storefront protection solutions when looks matters most. These sleek and lightweight doors come in a range of designs, and endless color choices. Contact us to create a solution that fits your specific requirements.

The EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors feature industry leading materials and are more suitable for semi-secure locations. This cost effective solution will help you sleep better at night knowing your valuable equipment or products are secured.

Learn here about the various slat option available for rolling doors.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs