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Sectional overhead doors are a simple, inexpensive way to secure a dock or bay. Sectional doors are low maintenance and can be push up or motorized.

The Perfect Balance of Thermal Efficiency and Strength

If thermal efficiency, durability, and strength are essential for your bay door, American Door’s AM200 can be your ideal solution. Your facility can benefit from a virtually maintenance free overhead door, featuring foamed-in-place insulation, corrosion-resistant skin, and steel integral struts.

The AM200 Insulated Sectional Door includes continuous solid core polyurethane, not only lending strength and thermal efficiency, but also making for quieter operation. For even lower maintenance requirements, reinforcement plates are secured at the hardware mounts. With a hefty R-value of 17.5, our AM200 Insulated Sectional Door lets you control your facility’s environment.

Better Looking, Easier to Use, and Low Maintenance

If your business has the overhead space and a need for accessibility, a sectional overhead door may be right for you. Overhead sectional doors are light-weight and can be operated with ease – without the need for motors. However, if you do want to motorize your sectional door, we can do that too.

With so many options available, you can choose from a simple push-up garage type door to a gorgeous restaurant sectional door with glass panels and designer trim. Any way you decide to go, American Door has great options available for you.

The Bulwark of Sectional Doors

When you need a secure and durable sectional door that provides reliable access to your facility, the AM426 Insulated Overhead Door is at your service. It’s simple, has low-maintenance, and it gets the job done.

With a thermal efficiency R value of 7.35, our model AM426 Insulated Overhead Door helps maintain your plant’s environment while also ensuring security and ease of use. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, and has many options and safety systems to choose from, including an impact resistant bottom section for environments with forklifts.

The Energy-Efficient Choice of Commercial Garage Doors

If you need an overhead door with a high level of thermal efficiency and wind resistance, our AM599 Extra Insulated Overhead Door with two inch thick panels and foamed-in-place insulation might be just what the weatherman recommends. It has an optional header seal and wind load enhancement for even more pressing environments.

With a hefty R value of 17.5, our model AM599 Extra Insulated Overhead Door has what it takes to keep the heat where you want it. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, and has many safety systems and other options to choose from, including insulated lites, exhaust ports, and even a four-section man door.

Your Energy Stronghold

If thermal performance matters in your facility, the AM850 Super Insulated Overhead Door with 150% thicker panels and foamed-in-place insulation is your hands-down winner. It includes a header seal, continuous hinge strips, a dual-durometer bulb seal, and PVC thermal breaks on the end stiles.

With a whopping R value of 26, our model AM850 Super Insulated Overhead Door bosses hot and cold for your facility. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, and has many safety systems and other options to choose from, including insulated lites and exhaust vents.

Security and Environmental Resistance

If you’re concerned that your sectional door might be security tested or suffer environmental abuse, our Heavy Duty Overhead Door can set your mind at ease. It is made with 16 gauge steel panels, and features shiplap joints and heavy duty vertical stiles. It can take a punishment and keeps on working.

Our Heavy Duty Overhead Door is available with Thermospan® insulation and wind load engineering as well. You can choose from a variety of options such as high cycle springs, safety systems, perimeter weatherseal, and motorization too.

Indoor Becomes Outdoor

Beautiful views in the winter transform into outdoor open space in the summer.

American Door offers a full line of restaurant glass garage doors to fulfill the needs of restaurants, bars, and storefront businesses. With so many configurations, nearly two hundred frame colors, and numerous types of glass panels and glass alternatives, your design imagination can be satisfied.

Full Visibility While Keeping the Weather Out

Perfect for car dealerships, auto garages, fire stations, and modern work spaces, aluminum / glass garage doors or full view sectional doors blend high visibility, contemporary style, and practical beauty all into one. They are low maintenance and weather resistant.

You can choose a variety of glass panel options for your aluminum and glass door, including glass alternatives like Lexan® and Plexiglas for strength or shatter resistance. You can also outfit your see through sectional door with a variety of color and style options for the trim, to achieve anything from a warm feel to an industrial theme.

Pass Through Doors Add Functionality

If you don’t want to open your bay door every time you use the passage, adding a man door or wicket door to your sectional door could be the right solution. They are convenient to use, and can be added to most overhead doors, including glass, aluminum, and steel.

The wicket door frame is constructed of study steel, and can be ordered with vision panels and special lock sets. They can even be used with motorized doors, as they can have an interlock added (a special interrupt that ensures the door is closed properly before the motor can be operated).

Automate Your Bay or Dock Door

Most contemporary overhead doors, whether they are sectional doors or rolling doors, are motorized. Automating a bay or dock door not only adds convenience, but also increases security and safety.

American Door’s line of overhead door operators are available in a variety of Horse Powers including 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, 1 hp, 2 hp, and higher. We also offer many control options such as push buttons, key switches, radios, and key pads. Available safety systems include sensing edges, photo eyes, horns, lights, vehicle sensors, and fire safety systems as well.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs