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Flexible Vinyl Strip Curtains

Improve your workflow with Vinyl Strip Curtains

If your warehouse needs protection from outside debris, or maintaining environment is in conflict with your productivity, American Door can install Vinyl Strip Curtains in your facility. Our PVC plastic strip doors provide a speedy, cost-effective solution for environmentally disruptive traffic. They’re great for loading docks and warehouses, heavy forklift use areas, freezers, welding shops, clean rooms and computer assembly areas, conveyor openings, or any work area where debris can cause serious issues.

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Serving 5 Boroughs of NYC • Long Island • Rockland • Westchester

Features & Specifications


Standard or Temperature Resistant

Standard Formula PVC
Good for indoor and outdoor, and temperature ranges from –10°F to 150°F. Standard strips are also safe from UV discoloration.

Low-Temp Formula PVC
Remains flexible in very cold temperatures. Can withstand -40°F, so they are great for freezers and USDA inspected sites (indoor use only).

Available in a Variety of Widths
4”, 6”, 8” 12”, 16”, 24”, 36”, 48”

Thicknesses Available
.06, .08, .12, .16

Fire-resistant and Self-Extinguishing

Registered with the California State Fire Marshall’s Office

Eight Formulas to choose from



Aesthetically smooth.
Easy pass-through.
For Locations where clarity is needed.

Scratch-Guard® Ribbed

Scratch-Guard® Ribbed

Superior scratch resistance.
Reduces static electricity.
Great for loading docks and warehouses.

Armor-Seal Ribbed

Armor-Seal Ribbed

For heavy traffic and forklift environments.
Reduces abrasions and scratching.
Has material longevity.

Low-Temp Reinforced

Low-Temp Reinforced

Temperature varying environments where elongation and contraction occur.
Remains flexible.
Great for food areas.

Dark Amber

Dark Amber

Blocks light as a partial sight barrier.
Great for welding locations.

Aztec Orange

Aztec Orange

Partial sight barrier and light blocking.
Also stands out for situational awareness.
Great for caution areas.



Complete sight barrier.
Great for conveyors.
Not recommended for motorized traffic.



Reduce static electricity.
Great for clean rooms, and computer assembly areas.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


Brooklyn New York Wicker door
Personnel Doors

Roll Up Door Man Door

Good for Interior and Exterior Roll-up Doors For fast, easy access during times when opening the whole bay up would be inconvenient, the walk-through door

Impact swinging door
Personnel Doors

Impact Swinging Doors

Our Impact Doors open with less than 1 pound of pressure but are durable enough to withstand the traffic of personnel, pallet jacks, carts and

Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal 300px
Dock Seals & Shelters

Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal

STANDARD FEATURES: 10″ projection 22 oz. Hi-Tear vinyl base fabric High visibility 24″ yellow guide stripe Waterproof wraparound design with vapor barrier Compression release holes

Self-Storage Doors
Rolling Doors

Self-Storage Doors

Standard Features Max Height10’ (3.05 meters) Max Width10’ (3.05 meters) OperationManual lift Slat ProfileCorrugated round or square slat profile FinishGalvanized high gloss silicone polyester paint

Sectional fullview
Overhead Doors

Full View Overhead Door

Standard Features Max Height16’1” (4.9 meters) Max Width26’2” (8 meters) Mounting2” (51mm) Track, angle OperationManual lift-up, motorized Frame6063-T6 or 6061-T6 aluminum Section Thickness1 3/8” –