Punched Metal Slats

Fenestrated Slats for Light and Air Flow

If your space needs ventilation while maintaining security, or your bay needs visibility even when it’s closed, a fenestrated roll up door may be your solution. Add punched slats to your roll up door project, and you can improve ventilation and visibility to the work space.

American Door has a variety of patterns to chose from, and you can mix and match the treatment with most other options such as a pass door, security grille, and even curved slats. Most or just part of the rolling door can be treated according to specifications. It’s a simple solution for increasing safety and improving air quality.

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Powder Coating

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Perforated Slats

Perforated Slats
Top half – perforated slats
Bottom half – flat slats

Fenestrated (Punched) Slats

Fenestrated (Punched) Slats
Center – fenestrated (punched) slats
Top and Bottom – flat slats

Perforated Slats

Perforated Slats

Fenestrated Slat

Fenestrated Slat

Punched Metal Slats with Man Door

Powder Coat Options (Over 200 Color Options)

Powder Coating colors

Safety and Security Options for Motorized Doors

Photo Eye

Detects people and vehicles passing the eye

Safety Edge

Detects the door closing on an object

Push Button Control

Station to control the door

Key Switch Control

Restricted access control

In-Ground Loop

Senses vehicles approaching

Radio Remote

Remotely operate the door


Alerts bystanders that door is in operation

Strobe Light

Alerts bystanders that door is in operation


Self-Storage Doors
Rolling Doors

Self-Storage Doors

Standard Features Max Height10’ (3.05 meters) Max Width10’ (3.05 meters) OperationManual lift Slat ProfileCorrugated round or square slat profile FinishGalvanized high gloss silicone polyester paint

Roll Up Doors
Fire Resistant Service Doors

Roll Up Doors

Standard Features Max Height40’ (12.19 meters) Max Width40’ (12.19 meters) OperationChain hoistMotorized (recommended) Slat ProfileFlat slat or single crown slat CurtainStainless steel, galvanized, or powder

Titan Rolling Steel Door
Rolling Doors

Titan Rolling Steel Door (800)

Standard Features Max Height90’ (27.4 meters) Max Width70’ (21.3 meters) OperationChain hoistOptional motorized (recommended) CurtainFrom 18 gauge steel to 14 gauge steel CoatingHot-dipped galvanized or

Fire Rated Insulated Roll Up Door
Fire Resistant Service Doors

Fire-Rated Insulated Roll Up Door

Standard Features Max Height24’ (7.32 meters) Max Width24’ (7.32 meters) Maximum Sq Footage324 sq ft OperationChain hoistOptional motorized (recommended) CurtainFire-rated double flat slat insulated Thermal

American Door Rolling Grilles
Rolling & Sliding Grilles

Security Grille

Standard Features Max Height20’ (6.09 meters) Max Width42’ (12.8 meters) OperationChain hoist or motorized Pattern9″ Standard ColumnsAvailable 6″, 4″, 3″, 2″, and brick pattern FinishClear