Fire-rated service doors protect your team and visitors from fire. By closing sections, fire doors grant crucial time to get to safety. See our full line.

The Security of Steel

For wide access to a dock or shipping and receiving bay, where security is paramount, our steel roll up service doors are the perfect solution. With a variety of steel gauge curtains available, and numerous safety and control options to choose from, your service door can be configured exactly as needed.

American Door’s steel roll up doors have a variety of slat style options as well, including single crown, flat slat, fenestrated, perforated, and security grille. We have heavy duty, and insulated models too. We do complete installation, including site preparation and electrical hookup.

Safety and Fire Protection

Our fire-rated coiling roll up doors keep the danger at bay during crucial times. Because they are NFPA and UL compliant, you can be sure your team will be safe when it matters the most. They are also quieter, and operate more smoothly due to their viscous governor technology.

Our steel fire-rated roll up doors have many options as well, including smoke detectors, special release devices, horns, strobes, and firerated vision lites that allow visibility through the door.

The FireStar® 540 fire shutter provides superior fire protection, and looks amazing too

Your property is worth the protection of this FM approved rolling fire door. The FireStar® 540 meets the NFPA 80 standard too, so you don’t have to guess if it provides the ultimate protection –it does. It operates quietly, runs smoothly, and features an innovative design that provides easy lift-up operation. It is easy to test, and requires no tools to reset the mechanism.

The FireStar® 540 fire-rated counter shutter is ideal for hospitals, schools, concessions, cafeterias, and retail establishments.

Beautiful, Clean, and Secure

The integral frame fire rated Model 570 rolling counter shutter is perfect for pharmaceutical, retail, and food service applications. Its fully welded continuous frame is assembled at the factory for openings as wide as 9’ 5” and 5’ 5” high.

Made from 22-gauge stainless or galvanized steel, the Model 570 rolling shutter protects your business while allowing controlled access between designated areas. Its interlocking slats with alternate steel endlocks keep the curtain neatly aligned for a snug fit and aesthetic appeal.

Fire Protection and Energy Efficiency

Protect your customers and staff from a spreading fire. Our fire rated insulated roll up doors have a fusible link that sections off fire, buying crucial time. They are filled with a mineral-wool insulation that holds back the spread, and increases energy efficiency as well.

With a yearly inspection, these coiling fire doors are NFPA Standard 80 compliant, and they have many options as well, including smoke detectors, special release devices, horns, strobes, and fire-rated vision lites that allow visibility through the door.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs