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Rolling Fire Door Drop Testing

Ensure your piece of mind with an annual testing routine.

American Door Drop Testing Annual Services:
Rolling Fire Doors & Shutters must be NFPA80 compliant. Fire doors help mitigate potential loss of life and property.

Rolling fire door drop test

Can you rest without knowing your Rolling Doors & Rolling Fire Shutters will perform when needed?

American Door Annual Drop Testing services help confirm that the Fire Door and Fire Shutters are NFPA80 compliant. We perform Fire Door and Fire Shutter Drop Testing in Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, New York City โ€“ including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Call us for consultation on how to enroll in our Fire Protection Services.

(888) 226 3667

American Door Fire Drop Testing Services for Rolling Fire Doors and Shutters:

  • Drop Testing Performed Annually
  • Written Report on File
  • Emergency Service
  • Required parts to keep compliance readily available
  • Industry leader

Our Fire rated rolling doors

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors

Standard Features Max Height40โ€™ (12.19 meters) Max Width40โ€™ (12.19 meters) OperationChain hoistMotorized (recommended) Slat ProfileFlat slat or single crown slat CurtainStainless steel, galvanized, or powder

External Fire Door

Fire-Rated Roll Up Door

Standard Features Max Height24โ€™ (7.32 meters)* Max Width24โ€™ (7.32 meters)* OperationChain hoistOption: motorized (recommended) Slat ProfileFire-rated steel flat slat or single Crown slat CurtainStainless steel,

Fire Rated Insulated Roll Up Door

Fire-Rated Insulated Roll Up Door

Standard Features Max Height24โ€™ (7.32 meters) Max Width24โ€™ (7.32 meters) Maximum Sq Footage324 sq ft OperationChain hoistOptional motorized (recommended) CurtainFire-rated double flat slat insulated Thermal


We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs