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Rolling shutters, whether metal or wood, provide top notch security for a service window while still integrating seamlessly into an office space.

The Ideal Solution for Secured Windows With Visual Appeal

With the DefendaGuard window shutters we are able to offer a wide range of entry access and window protection solutions when looks matters most. These sleek and lightweight shutters come in a wide range of designs, and endless color choices. Contact us to create a solution that fits your specific requirements.

The DefendaGuard window shutters feature industry leading materials and are more suitable for semi-secure location or to protect windows – like office, inside malls, store fronts, or inside large facilities, the options are endless. This cost effective solution will help you sleep better at night knowing your valuable equipment or products are secured. The optional operation with a mobile application allows you to control the shutters no matter where you are.

The Sleek and Sturdy Solution for Sunlight and Rain Protection

TranquilGuard is the commercial answer for a sleek sun, rain, wind and insect protection. The TranquilGuard feature retractable screens of various materials for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Excellent for offices and meeting rooms, restaurants, parking areas, event venues, hotels, museums and more.

The TranquilGuard screens use motor operation with a switch, remote or mobile app. They come in various materials (according to the solution) and feature shading levels to suite your needs – from 1% to 8% openness (larger or smaller perforation), as well as blackout screens or insect blocking mesh screen. We can customize the screens’ size and colors to perfectly match your needs. Consult with us today to learn more.

The Perfect Solution for Storage Security With Visual Appeal

No matter what type of storage equipment you use, the TambourGuard shutters can be added to stylishly secure your valuables. With a range of curtain designs, and virtually endless color choices, you can create a solution that matches your specific requirements.

The TambourGuard aluminum storage shutters feature industry leading materials. It is recommended to install the TambourGuard storage shutter in semi-secured locations, like an office, mall, shop, garage or any large facility. This cost effective solution will help you sleep better at night knowing your valuables, merchandise and documents are secured. With the optional operation by a mobile application you can control the shutters no matter where you are.

The FireStar® 540 fire shutter provides superior fire protection, and looks amazing too

Your property is worth the protection of this FM approved rolling fire shutter. The FireStar® 540 meets the NFPA 80 standard too, so you don’t have to guess if it provides the ultimate protection – it does. It operates quietly, runs smoothly, and features an innovative design that provides easy lift-up operation. It is easy to test, and requires no tools to reset the mechanism.

The FireStar® 540 fire-rated counter shutter is ideal for hospitals, schools, concessions, cafeterias, and retail establishments.

Beautiful, Clean, and Secure

The integral frame fire rated Model 570 rolling counter shutter is perfect for pharmaceutical, retail, and food service applications. Its fully welded continuous frame is assembled at the factory for openings as wide as 9’ 5” and 5’ 5” high.

Made from 22-gauge stainless or galvanized steel, the Model 570 rolling shutter protects your business while allowing controlled access between designated areas. Its interlocking slats with alternate steel endlocks keep the curtain neatly aligned for a snug fit and aesthetic appeal.

Elegant, Stylish, and Highly Customizable

When the space design requires an elegant, hand-crafted approach, the Wood Rolling Shutter Model 530 completes the scene. It is available in a variety of woods, so whatever is needed to match the decor, the Model 530 comes through.

The Wood Rolling Shutter Model 530 is ideal for banks, hotels, churches, libraries, and even beautiful office spaces. It will compliment your interior space with the warmth of real wood.

Security with a Professional Look

If you need access control with aesthetic beauty, our Model 500 Rolling Shutters really fit the bill. They are ideal for openings with a counter top or sill, where you need access during business hours while still maintaining security.

Whether you choose a model that is lift-up, uses a hand crank, or is motorized, the Model 500 Rolling Shutter is the most preferred solution for business counter openings. Rolling shutters are used for customer service windows, concession stands, and food service windows alike.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs