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Barrier Gate Arm

Barrier gate arms add security to parking areas for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. They are installed at the access points of garages and roads to secure traffic on both entrance and exit. Most barrier gate arms are integrated with sensors and other access control devices, such as card readers, vehicle sensors, and radio receivers.

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Features & Specifications

Benefits of American Door’s Barrier Gate Arms

  • Enhanced Security
  • Fully Integratable
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Models Available
  • Complete Installation
  • Strong, Dependable Performance

Options Available for Gate Arms

  • Loop detector
  • Photo eye
  • Keypad
  • Telephone entry
  • Key switch
  • Remote station
  • Smart card
  • Long range card
  • Biometric reader
  • Ticket box
  • Entrance and/or exit camera
  • Battery backup

How a Loop Detector Works

How a Loop Detector Works

Loop detectors have a magnetic field that can sense when a motor vehicle is present. It sends a signal to the gate operator’s control board. The control board then tells the gate arm what safe and secure operation to execute, considering the states of the other subsystems.

Some features of Barrier Gate Arms

  • Manual or electronic Control
  • Integrated detectors
  • Wood or aluminum arm
  • Boom length 6’ to 30’
  • Battery powered backup
  • Ability to tie in peripheral systems

Some options to consider for Barrier Gate Arms

  • High capacity use motor
  • Surface or flush mount
  • Manual or automated
  • Receiver post or pendulum support
  • Operational voltage selection
Receiver Post or Pendulum Support
Manual or Automated Arm Gate

Barrier Gate Operators

Barrier gate operators are ideal when a higher level of security or traffic control is needed. They are tied into a complete system, and can be operated automatically by subsystems such as a card reader, keypad, or telephone entry system. Other subsystems are available as well, such as radio, photo eye, and remotely through a guard station kiosk.

Traffic Flow for a Barrier Gate Arm

Barrier gate operator setup with one-way traffic

Barrier gate operator setup with one-way traffic

Barrier gate operator setup with two-way traffic

Barrier gate operator setup with two-way traffic

Whatever subsystems you choose, whether you need a full install from the ground up or a replacement for an old failing system, American Door is the right company to call. We have more than 50 years in the industry. We’ve been at it since 1969! We know that your gate operator is only one part of an integrated system, and that each component must work right with all of the other systems in order to provide the safety and security that your company needs. Call the team who does it all, from sales and installation, to maintenance and 24 hour emergency service.

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


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