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Titan Rolling Steel Door (800)

Go Big or Go Home

When every other door just can’t fill your frame, our Titan Model 800 Rolling Steel Door just might be your answer. Maxing out at a whopping 70 feet wide by 90 feet tall, this enormous service door is the toughest beast of them all.

Boasting of half foot single crown slats and cast iron, zinc-plated windlocks, the Titan Model 800 can withstand 85+ mph winds, and even has options allowing for operation during extreme weather. It can also be designed even more rugged.

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Serving 5 Boroughs of NYC • Long Island • Rockland • Westchester

Features & Specifications

Standard Features

Max Height
90’ (27.4 meters)

Max Width
70’ (21.3 meters)

Chain hoist
Optional motorized (recommended)

From 18 gauge steel to 14 gauge steel

Hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated

3/8” steel

Guide Angles
1/4” steel

Slat Profile
6” single crown

Alternating zinc-plated cast iron

20 PSF
Optional 55 PSF for Florida and Miami-Dade County specifications

Bottom Bar
Double angle with astragal weather seal

Optional Features

High windload

Articulating windlocks

Color choice with powder coating

Guide brush seal

Lintel brush seal

Safety systems

Sloping bottom bar

Pass doors (wicker Doors)


Miami-Dade 55 PSF
windlock for 3” slat
Standard Titan
windlock for 6” slat

Roller Windlock
door to operate during
intermediate winds

Articulating Roller

Allows for high
winds operation

Powder Coat Options (Over 200 Color Options)

Powder Coating colors

Slats and Bottom Bar

Titan Oversized Slat

No. 9 Titan oversized slat

Titan Rolling Steel Door - Bottom Bar with weatherseal

Bottom bar with weatherseal

sea loading dock

Safety and Security Options for Motorized Doors

Photo Eye

Photo Eye

Detects people and vehicles passing the eye

Safety Edge

Safety Edge

Detects the door closing on an object

3 Button Control

Push Button Control

Station to control the door

Traffic Light

Traffic Light

Indicates when door is safe to pass

Loop Detector

In-Ground Loop

Senses vehicles approaching

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Detects people and vehicles entering an area

Radio Receiver

Radio Remote

Remotely operate the door

Horn Strobe

Horn Strobe

Alerts bystanders that door is in operation

Strobe Light

Strobe Light

Alerts bystanders that door is in operation

Timer Module

Timer Module

Scheduled operation of the door

Key Switch Surface Mount

Key Switch Control

Restricted access control

Access Card Reader

Key Card

Electronic card access

Linear Keypad

Key Pad

Coded Keyless Entry

Lever Arm Switch

Lever Arm Switch

Positional interlock or actuation

Timer Card

Expansion Boards

Adds systems or capabilities

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


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