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EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors

A Line of Strong and Lightweight Doors With Visual Appeal

The EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors offer a wide range of storefront protection solutions when looks matters most. These sleek and lightweight doors come in a range of designs, and endless color choices. Contact us to create a solution that fits your specific requirements.

The EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors feature industry leading materials and are more suitable for semi-secure locations. This cost effective solution will help you sleep better at night knowing your valuable equipment or products are secured.

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Serving 5 Boroughs of NYC • Long Island • Rockland • Westchester

Features & Specifications

Standard Features

Max Height
19’ (5.79 m)

Max Width
25’ (7.62 m)

Slat material
Extruded aluminum, and clear polycarbonate

Slat Design
Single wall, curved or straight design, and perforated (for ventilation and view)

Bottom Bar Options
3″ (75 mm) or 4″ (100 mm) heavy-duty,
3″ (75 mm) or 6″ (150mm) bottom bar plates available,
Bottom bar plates cover the ceiling opening when the curtain is coiled up.

Jack Shaft Motor (customer supplied or

Roll Housing Box Material
Curtain stores in a compact coil above a hanging ceiling, saving valuable space

Durable & Cost Effective
High strength and durability for low maintenance

Optional Features

– Control by paddle switch or key switch

– Heavy duty bottom guard

– Patterned curtain design

– Motor operation

– AnchorLoc for extra security

– Emergency egress and battery backup options are available

– 3 guide rail sizes

– Vision lites

Color Options

Arctic White
Clear Anodized
Clear Anodized
Aluminum Grey
Aluminum Grey
Dark Bronze
Dark Bronze
Custom Powder Coating
Custom Powder Coating

Shutter Curtain Styles

Clear polycarbonate /aluminum with curved design
Clear polycarbonate /aluminum with curved design
Clear polycarbonate /aluminum with straight design
Clear polycarbonate /aluminum with straight design
Single wall extruded aluminum
Single wall extruded aluminum
Single wall extruded aluminum with small perforations
Single wall extruded aluminum with small perforations
Single wall extruded aluminum with large perforations
Single wall extruded aluminum with large perforations


Small Perforation
Large Perforation
Clear Curtain
Brick Pattern
Straight Pattern
Window Opening

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


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