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Insulated Overhead Door (AM426)

The Bulwark of Sectional Doors

When you need a secure and durable sectional door that provides reliable access to your facility, the AM426 Insulated Overhead Door is at your service. It’s simple, has low-maintenance, and it gets the job done.

With a thermal efficiency R value of 7.35, our model AM426 Insulated Overhead Door helps maintain your plant’s environment while also ensuring security and ease of use. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, and has many options and safety systems to choose from, including an impact resistant bottom section for environments with forklifts.

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Features & Specifications

Standard Features

Max Height
24’1” (7.3 meters)

Max Width
28’2” (8.5 meters)

Nominal Thickness
2” (51mm)

Exterior Steel
24 gauge galvanized steel

Back Cover
26 gauge galvanized steel

Expanded polystyrene



Exterior Texture

Joint Type

End And Center Stiles
16 gauge steel

2” (51mm) (optional 3”)

10k cycles
optional 25k, 50k, 100k cycles

Weather Stripping
2” (51mm)

Push-up, chain hoist, or motorized

White baked-on polyester

Interior mounted slide lock

Optional Features

– Safety systems

– Sash section with windows Jamb weatherseals

– Exhaust ports

– Reinforcement struts

– Pass doors (wicker doors)

– Flexible PVC

– Astragal weatherstrips

– Tumbler keyed lock

– Motor Mount Options: trolley, center mount, side mount


AM264 structure section cut view
AM264 structure

Optional Port and Windows

Overhead Door Exhaust Port

Optional Exhaust Port

Overhead Door Windows

Optional Aluminum Sash Section with Windows

Track Mounting Options

Safety and Security Options for Motorized Doors

Photo Eye

Photo Eye

Detects people and vehicles passing the eye

Safety Edge

Safety Edge

Detects the door closing on an object

3 Button Control

Push Button Control

Station to control the door

Traffic Light

Traffic Light

Indicates when door is safe to pass

Loop Detector

In-Ground Loop

Senses vehicles approaching

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Detects people and vehicles entering an area

Radio Receiver

Radio Remote

Remotely operate the door

Horn Strobe

Horn Strobe

Alerts bystanders that door is in operation

Strobe Light

Strobe Light

Alerts bystanders that door is in operation

Timer Module

Timer Module

Scheduled operation of the door

Key Switch Surface Mount

Key Switch Control

Restricted access control

Access Card Reader

Key Card

Electronic card access

Linear Keypad

Key Pad

Coded Keyless Entry

Lever Arm Switch

Lever Arm Switch

Positional interlock or actuation

Timer Card

Expansion Boards

Adds systems or capabilities

Operational Options


Push-up: for light doors. Easy on the pocketbook

chain hoist

Chain Hoist: manual assistance for heavier panel doors

electric motor

Electric Motor: convenience and ease of use

Types of Joints

Shiplap Joint

Shiplap joint
More impact resistant while also keeping out the weather

Tongue and Groove Joint

Tongue and Groove Joint
Regular duty joint that keeps out the weather, but not as rugged as our shiplap joint

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