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Fall Guard

Full Coverage Fall Protection Doors With Visual Appeal

When you use the Fall Guard fall protection door, the risk of falling or objects rolling off the loading dock is reduced to zero.

Our Fall Guard door features full coverage of your loading dock opening to completely remove any risk of falling. It’s easy to deploy and safe to operate, taking your health and safety standards beyond what’s recommended by OSHA.

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Serving 5 Boroughs of NYC β€’ Long Island β€’ Rockland β€’ Westchester

Features & Specifications

Standard Features

Max Height
12’ (3.65 m)

Max Width
12’ (3.65 m)

Curtain Material
18oz Vinyl
11oz Bug mesh
Features fiberglass wind bars for flexibility and durability

12 in/sec motor
6 in/sec motor
Manual chain hoist (4:1 gear ratio)

Roll Housing Box Material
Stainless steel

Durable & Cost Effective
High strength and durability for low maintenance

Optional Features

Mesh or Vinyl Panels
Choose between a complete seal or a mesh that provides 65% shade factor.

Bug & Pest Barrier
Optional side and top seals can prevent unwanted pests and bugs from entering your warehouse.

Plug and Play
Optional pre-wired electrical system that only requires an electrical socket, to reduce installation costs.

Color Options

18oz Vinyl or 11oz Mesh color options (other colors are available upon request).

Fall-guard fall protection
Loading dock with fall protection

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


Rolling Doors

EntrexGuard Rolling Aluminum Doors

Standard Features Max Height19’ (5.79 m) Max Width25’ (7.62 m) Slat materialExtruded aluminum, and clear polycarbonate Slat DesignSingle wall, curved or straight design, and perforated