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Fire Shutter FireStar® 540

The FireStar® 540 fire shutter provides superior fire protection, and looks amazing too

Your property is worth the protection of this FM approved rolling fire shutter. The FireStar® 540 meets the NFPA 80 standard too, so you don’t have to guess if it provides the ultimate protection – it does. It operates quietly, runs smoothly, and features an innovative design that provides easy lift-up operation. It is easy to test, and requires no tools to reset the mechanism.

The FireStar® 540 fire-rated counter shutter is ideal for hospitals, schools, concessions, cafeterias, and retail establishments.

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Serving 5 Boroughs of NYC • Long Island • Rockland • Westchester

Features & Specifications


  • Horns and strobes
  • Smoke detector
  • Safety edge (electrical or pneumatic)
  • Fire-rated counter top
  • Smoke Seal
  • Vision FireLites®
  • Wayneguard® release system
  • Chain hoist with gear reduction
  • Wall crank box
  • Motor Operator


Testing the FireStar® counter shutter is easy! It requires no tools, and can be reset back into operation with no special skills. Just follow the simple instructions. Facility staff can test for fire safety periodically throughout the year.

Optional Fire Rated Counter Top

Choose our fire-rated counter top for even more fire protection. It has an interior core made with Georgia Pacific Firestop®.

Slat & Guide Assembly


FireStar® doors feature an easy to use release handle for easy testing

FireStar release handle for easy testing

What makes a FireStar® superior

Planetary Gear Arrangement

FireStar® uses a unique planetary gear assembly to disconnect from the operator and drop the door in the event of a fire.

Lift-Up Crank Operation

FireStar® uses a unique counterbalance technology utilizing special clutch plates.

Standard Features

Max Height
9’ (2.7 meters)

Max Width
16’ (4.8 meters)

FireStar® 540: 22-gauge galvanized steel
FireStar® 550: 22-gauge stainless steel #4 finish

Interlocking roll-formed slats with steel endlocks

Bottom Bar
Steel angle:
FireStar® 540: galvanized steel
FireStar® 550: stainless steel #4 finish

Steel plates

Counter Balance
Oil tempered helical torsion springs with cast iron barrel plugs.

24-gauge steel

Operation Release
Manual lift-up standard

FireStar® release system standard on most shutters

Steel, masonry, fire-rated wood, or fire-rated drywall with 16+ gauge steel jambs

We custom build solutions according to your specifications and needs


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