Interior High Speed Freezer and Cooler Door (997)

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RapidFreeze™ Model 997 is an interior fabric high speed freezer and cooler door that features an insulated curtain to prevent heat loss and condensation in settings where temperatures vary greatly on either side of the door opening. With a patent-pending quad-sealed guide design and an optional heated air curtain, this application driven solution is flexible enough to meet the thermal performance needs of demanding temperature and humidity combinations. RapidFreeze™ 997 continues the Overhead Door™ brand tradition of delivering superior performance, speed and longevity, while providing cutting edge engineering innovation. This freezer and cooler door has been designed especially for cold storage along with food and beverage facilities.

Thermal Performance

  • Insulated curtain provides barrier to prevent heat loss and condensation
  • Actively heated guides ensure the complete height of the guide has uniform temperature to ensure smooth door movement
  • Quad-sealed, insulated guides prevent guide condensation and conditioned air loss around the curtain


  • Opening speed up to 80” per second

Built For Tough, High-Cycle Operation

  • Breakaway bottom bar is easily reset from either side of the opening in case of accidental forklift contact
  • Springless design requires minimal interruptions for maintenance• Direct-mounted gear drive system minimizes wear and tear
  • Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop

Curtain Colors

Standard colors for guides, brackets, struts and bottom bar are yellow. 197 RAL powder coat color options are available.

Standard max width

Standard max height

Opening Speed
Up to 80″ per second

Closing Speed
Up to 40″ per second

Break-away self-reset

Static Pressure
Up to +2.0 / – 2.0 PSF

Operational pressure
Up to +1.0 / – 1.0 PSF

Curtain panel
2 layers of PVC coated polyesterwith 1 layer of polyester weave and conductive plus radiant insulation

Direct drive motor and gearbox system with a door stop device

Control panel
Variable frequency drive – NEMA 4X
cULus listed Onboard self diagnostic and service reminder
Built-in padlockable field disconnect; Includespower for guide heater and blower

Guide design
Opening Speed Up to 70″ per second

​Obstruction safety detection
Infrared sensors mounted in-plane to the door curtain at 16″ and 50″ – 54″ from floor​​

Reversing safety edge
Wireless reversing edge​​

Electrical availability
230V AC 3PH; 460V AC 3PH; 575V AC 3PH

Actuation options
Push button, key switch, pull switch, loop detector, motion detector, treadle switch​​​​​​​, radio control

Signal device options
Red/green LED warning light, horn/strobe combination, rotating warning light​​​​

5-year limited​​​​​​​


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