U-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Reliable. Secure.
With a Smooth Transition.


  • A hydraulic velocity fuse that limits the free fall of a loaded ramp to within 3″ (76 mm).
  • Full operating range metal toe guards painted safety yellow as specified by ANSI Z535.1.
  • Stationary side toe guards with high-visibility OSHA safety striping.
  • Maintenance strut supports the deck and lip and facilitates under-deck maintenance and inspection.



Blue Giant U-Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers are high-performance systems that operate at the touch of a button. Strategically welded steel beams maximize deck strength and improve product longevity. Hydraulic deck cylinders increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements, resulting in a lower cost of ownership compared to mechanical dock levelers. Independent lip control is available for all models, decreasing both cycle time and energy use. Biodegradable oil available. Superior quality, ease of operation, and advanced safety features make the Blue Giant U-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler an ideal choice for increased productivity at the loading dock.

Easy to Operate
  • Total hydraulic operation eliminates the need for manual deck deployment.
  •  The NEMA4X single push-button control station enables sequenced deck and lip operation.
  •  Independent lip control is available when the system is upgraded to the Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panel, decreasing cycle time and energy use.
Structural Integrity
  • A minimum of six heavy duty U-beams are welded to the underside of the deck at dynamic impact points, preventing “dishing” and extending the life of the dock leveler.
  • The continuous one-piece headboard strengthens the front structure of the deck.
  •  A single lip hinge pin enables a stronger distributed load.
PosiLock™: Safety That’s System-Friendly
  • Uses a mechanical lock to hold an ICC bar, taking pressure
    away from the hydraulic system.
Built for Safety
  • Should the truck depart prematurely, the velocity fuse limits
    free-fall of a loaded platform within 3” (76 mm).
  •  A sturdy maintenance strut prevents accidents during cleaning
    and servicing.
  • 18” (457 mm) or 20” (508 mm) lip
  • Biodegradable oil
  • Assured Motion Float (floating rear hinge)
  • Blue Genius™ Gold Series I Touch Control Panel
Advanced Engineering
  • The inverted deck cylinder is continually self-bleeding, reducing internal corrosion and improving velocity fuse efficiency.
  • The velocity fuse has no limits on performance frequency. Dock operation can resume after the condition that activated the velocity fuse is corrected/resumed.
  • Equipped with a NEMA4X control station (moisture and corrosion resistant), the U-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler is an ideal solution for special-use facilities, such as refrigerated warehouses and chemical processing plants.

Advance to the Next Level

For high-volume operations with more demanding usage levels, Blue Giant offers assured motion float, a 4″ (101 mm) maintained deck tilt, as an optional alternative to the standard fixed rear hinge.

The floating action enables full-width contact between the lip and truck bed, preventing damage to forklift tires and cargo as well as lessening the jarring motion that can cause back and neck injury to forklift drivers.

With assured motion float, the dock leveler can accommodate heavier loads without experiencing deck fatigue, reducing maintenance requirements and prolonging the working life of the leveler.

When in the parked position, the dock leveler is flush with the floor, eliminating concerns associated with trip hazard and cross-traffic obstructions


Blue Giant hydraulic vehicle restraints elevate safety levels at the loading dock. Our models are low-profile, have a wide restraining range, and can accommodate a wide variety of ICC bars, including those that are bent or damaged.

  • Multi-language LCD Screen:
    Provides real-time, easily understood
    instructions for operation, diagnostics,
    and maintenance.
  • LED Interior Lights: (available
    with advanced light communication
    package): Advises dock staff of safety
    conditions at the loading dock.
  • Touch Keypad: Enables supervisory
    override and security features.
  • Deck and Lip Touch Buttons:
    Operates the deck and lip sequentially
    or independently.
  • Stop Button: Provides complete
    motion freeze of the dock leveler in the
    event of an emergency.
Intelligent dock control is now available at the touch of a finger

The Blue Genius™ Gold Series I Touch Control Panel improves both productivity and dock safety via a clear onboard communication system, fast-acting buttons, and a supervisory keypad lockout and override function.
The Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panel detects finger proximity through the insulated panel’s surface without direct electrical contact with electrode metal. This removes problems associated with wear, corrosion, and contamination. Maintenance issues surrounding mechanical buttons, such as breakage, are eliminated completely.The Blue Genius™ software offers intelligent programmable menu options and is easy to upgrade.

  •  18″ (457 mm), 20″ (508 mm), and 24″ (609 mm) long lips
  •  Environmentally friendly biodegradable oil
  •  Brush and rubber weather seals
  •  Pour-in pan to facilitate new construction
  •  New construction pit kit