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  • 7000 Series Wood Doors

    7000 Series Wood Doors

    The Series 7000 doors combine the convenience of standard sectional garage doors with the classic swing- open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors.

    These doors are made with cross members and panels (rail and stile construction) from fine premium woods. Beading is milled into edges a small detail often overlooked by others. Top section windows have true divided panes with authentic wood dividers (muntins). And, of course, we finish the interior surfaces of panels with genuine mahogany plywood for a more beautiful, tailored look.


    By mounting idrive on the wall above your door, were able to eliminate the belts, chain, screw drive and track that clutter your garage ceiling. That means less noise and vibration are transferred to adjoining living areas.

    Quantum is a traditional chain drive opener thats loaded with extra features. The system self-monitors its electronics every time you operate the door to detect and correct problems before they happen. It even reconnects automatically after you used the emergency release.