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  • Fullview Sectional Doors

    Fullview Sectional Doors

    American Door Fullview Sectional Door Series AM-451
    Perfectly suited for applications where maximum light and visibility are desired. American Doors Aluminum Fullview doors help create a pleasant interior environment while offering a warm and open look from the exterior. Aluminum Fullview doors feature an aluminum bottom section with three to seven clear upper sections, depending upon size.

    Materials & Construction

    American Door Aluminum Fullview Doors are manufactured using high-quality materials for excellent durability. All stiles and rails are extruded aluminum allow and feature a beveled edge around panels. Stlies and rails can be clear modized (standard) or finished with white or brown powder coat finish. Tracks and hardware are manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel, and the doors feature vinyl seals between sections and on the bottom of the door.

    Clear Satin Anodized
    Bronze Anodized
    Black Anodized
    White/Brown Anodized
    Custom Powder Coat

    Inquire further with one of our design team members to meet your needs and desired specifications

  • Head Curtain

    Designed to suit door openings up to 8′ W x 10′ H (2438mm x 3048mm) to 9′ W x 10′ H (2743mm x 3048mm), the Head Curtain Dock Seal is designed to securely seal higher door openings. The header curtain has a built-in rope and pulley system that can be raised and lowered to match varying trailer heights, keeping outdoor contaminants out and conditioned air in.


    • Two resilient foam side pads act as a cushion between the trailer and building while the full-width weighted head curtain conforms to the trailer top
    • Sloped head curtain supports proper drainage to prevent water build-up
    • Wider corner pleats on head curtain
    • Double-stitching on all seams
    • Tapered at bottom of pads to eliminate bumper pinch
    • A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements
  • HingeMaster™

    Generally designed to accommodate 10’ wide by 10.5’ high door openings, the HingeMaster™ is a full-access dock shelter with superior sealing efficiency.

    When barn-style trailer doors are open, the hinge gap around the sides creates the spatial equivalent of a 2 ½ square foot opening in the building wall. The HingeMaster™ J-hooks seal off this negative space, preventing debris entry and loss of conditioned air. The result is a tight top-to-bottom side seal that does not limit access to the trailer interior.


    • Interchangeable polypropylene J-hooks
    • 21″ (533mm) projection
    • 22 oz. Hi-Tear vinyl base fabric
    • Durable head unit made from pressure-treated lumber and measuring 140″ (3556mm) wide, with a 36″ (914mm) head curtain
    • Two vertical foam side pads with removable curtains for ease of maintenance
    • High-visibility yellow guide stripes
    • Replaceable foam bottom pads for easy maintenance and secure sealing
  • Overhead Sectional Insulated Steel Doors

    Overhead Sectional Insulated Steel Doors

    Sectional Insulated Steel Series AM-426

    Considering energy and security needs, American Door insulated sectional doors produces a good return on investment. American Door offers a broad range of sectional insulated steel doors designed, engineered and constructed to enhance the building’s architectural beauty and smooth operation . Insulated sectional doors are manufactured with a polystyrene insulation with a steel back or a heavy duty pre painted inner and outer skins for added corrosion-resistance with insulation filling in between skins. American Door sectional steel doors come in standard white, brown, and custom colors that are available with multiple window selections and types. Sectional doors are available in push-up, chain hoist, and motor operation.

    Click Here For RAL Powder Coated Finish Options


    American Door offers many solutions for all your Sectional Steel door needs.

    Inquire further with one of our design team members to meet your needs and desired specifications

  • Restaurant Garage Doors

    Restaurant Garage Doors

    Restaurant Garage Door Series AM – 480

    American Door offers a full line of custom garage doors for restaurants, bars and store front businesses.
    Our restaurant style doors are ideal for your business when you want to open up for the views inside and out.
    American Door restaurant doors are designed with tempered insulated glass, powder coating options available and various motor options.
    The ideal uses of restaurant garage doors are so your patrons can enjoy the easy flow of inside.
    Accommodations to the outside cafe sidewalk tables in the warm months while catching the views of the outside and showcasing the activity inside.


    Door Thickness: 1 3/4″

    Metal: 6063-T6 Extruded aluminum alloy, heat treated and aged to maximum hardness. Anodized at least 4 mils for a permanant luster finish.

    Joints: All butt joints are trued, tightened and smoothed

    Rails and Stiles: Bottom and top rails 5 3/8″. Top rails are 3 1/4″ or 5 3/8″ wide and 1 3/4″ thick. Combined width of meeting rails is 2 3/4″. Vertical center stiles are 2 3/4″ wide. 5/16″ diameter through bolts when nuts and washers join stiles and rails.

    Glazing: Insulated glass panels are encased in vinyl moulding, held in place by aluminum snap-in beads and factory glazed where specified.

    Counterbalances: Mounted torsion springs and galvanized aircraft type cables.

    Weatherstrip: Factory applied vinyl weatherstrip across the full width of bottom rail.

    Motorized – Chain Hoist – Manual Push Up

  • Retractable Shelter

    Designed to suit door openings up to 10′ W x 10′ H (3048mm x 3048mm), the Blue Giant Retractable Shelter provides full access to the rear of the trailer while creating a tight seal against the top and rear. The collapsible frame is designed to retract upon impact, reducing pressure against the curtains and extending the life of the unit.


    • Galvanized steel framing
    • Bottom draft pads
    • Double-stitching on all seams
    • “I” beams with wedge anchors
    • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from
  • Stationary Inflatable

    Designed to suit door openings up to 10′ W x 10′ H (3048mm x 3048mm), the Blue Giant Stationary Inflatable Dock Seal allows full access to trailer interiors. An internal oil-tempered spring on the header air bag and internal retraction system on the vertical bags support full retraction when the unit is not in use.


    • Two replaceable foam bottom draft pads
    • 1/2HP blower motor
    • Double-stitching on all seams
    • Treated lumber
    • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from


  • Stationary Shelter

    Designed to suit door openings up to 10′ W x 10′ H (3048mm x 3048mm), the Blue Giant Stationary Shelter uses flexible fabric curtains to enclose a trailer’s top and sides while providing full access to the interior. Wear flaps reinforce the head curtain at contact areas, and the bottom 24” (610mm) of the side curtain are reinforced with double fabric layers for added durability. Replaceable foam draft pads seal additional gap between the trailer and the building.


    • The wood head and side frames are constructed from high-grade pressure-treated lumber that resists rot and erosion
    • Translucent polyethylene sheeting with UV inhibitors allows light into loading dock area
    • Stiffeners in head and side curtains maintain constant contact with the trailer
    • Foam-filled edge creates complete seal
    • 24″ (610mm) yellow guide stripes ensure accurate trailer placement
    • A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements
  • Wicket Door

    Wicket Door

    Walk Thru Sectional Door Series AMPTH – 500

    • Convenient and secure point of entry into any garage or shop
    • Prevents having to open the entire garage door
    • Ideal for garages with no other access to the exterior
    • Allows pedestrian traffic with minimum energy loss

    A Wicket Door or better known as a Wicket Gate is a small gate or door one that is part of a larger door. Other names are American Pass Door, pedestrian door, man door and a door within a door.
    Our Wicket Doors will make a convienent yet secure point of entry into any garage or factory without opening and closing the entire garage door. While personnel enters and exits independantly through a wicket door your company saves thousands of dollars in energy costs. American Door can provide wicket doors for sectional and rolling steel doors.

  • Rolling Punched Slat Doors

    Dock Seals

    Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.

  • Impact Doors

    Impact Doors

    American Doors Impact Swinging Doors are the perfect addition for your temperature sensitive area. The doors lock in cooled or heated air and separate areas of different temperatures. This temperature control saves energy costs and extends compressor life. Doors open with less than 1 pound of pressure but are durable enough to withstand the traffic of personnel, pallet jacks, carts and forklifts. They are virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. Impact Doors are longer lasting and easier to pass through than strip doors.

  • Fences


    Sliding Gates and Fences

    Automatic gate operators provide convenience and security to the user. However, because these machines can produce high levels of force, it is important that all gate operator system designers, installers and end users be aware of the potential hazards associated with improperly designed, installed or maintained systems. Each component must work in unison with the others to provide the end user with convenience, security and safety.

  • Accordion Grilles

    Accordion Grilles

    Sliding grilles grilles provide style, security, and ease for side stacking and manual operation. American Door sliding grilles use top hung curtain and adjustable height roller assemblies in an extruded aluminum track eliminating floor track. American Door sliding grilles are available without a bi-part up to 30′ widths and unlimited widths with bi-parts. Lead post options are keyed cylinder activated top and bottom locking post or a hook bolt that licks into wall channel. the curtain is fabricated with vertical aluminum rods and tubes and connected with horizontal aluminum links. Standard finish is clear anodized, various colors, and can meet any architect design.

  • Personnel Doors

    Personnel Doors

    Ranging new panels and frames to hardware and access devices American Door is your one-stop company for superior products and services. Whether you need repairs, door replacements or a new installation. We can provide the products you need.

    We could also help you with door hardware such as: door closers, hinges, weatherstrip, locks, panic hardware and more.

  • Exterior Roll Up Doors New York

    Scissor Gates

    For over thirty years, American Door has been manufacturing, installing and servicing rolling door products. We offer a wide variety of door types and slat configurations, which we custom manufacture for each particular customer need.

    American Door Controls all aspects of the design and fabrication of your rolling service door. We use quality materials, expertly machined and fabricated to strict tolerances. Our quality control personnel inspect each door, before it leaves the factory, to ensure that it will provide years of proper operation. All of American Door manufactured products come with a one year warranty against any defect in materials, construction, or workmanship.

    American Door standard Rolling Steel Service Doors are designed to provide many years of reliable operation. These units can be used for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, interior, and exterior applications, including retail storefronts, shipping and receiving areas, and exit doors. Our products are also suited for parking lots, warehouses, schools and more.

  • Exit Devices

    Exit Devices

    Allow the American Door team to assist you with choosing the best product suited to your unique needs.

  • Flex Strips

    American Door Flex Strip Doors and Strip Curtains are perfect for sealing out wind, cold, heat, insects, dust and debris. Our complete door kits include PVC strips and easy to install hardware for mounting the strips.

    We carry a variety of PVC material in many gages and strip widths for any opening in any environment. PVC strip material is fire and UV resistant. Our hardware is heavy-duty galvanized steel and can be installed on a inside or outside wall or any door jamb.

    Optional angle brackets allow for mounting hardware on roll-up canister type doors and/or where obstructions inhibit standard door installations.

    We carry strip door kits for walk-in coolers and freezers in warehouses, warehouse dock doors, walk ways, room partitions, barns, truck trailers, reefer units, clean rooms and every application you may have a need for.

  • Fire Doors

    Fire Doors

    Fire Personnel Doors

    Ranging from new panels and frames to hardware and access devices American Door is your one stop company for superior products and service.

  • Residential Motor Operators