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Vinyl Door Series

Product Description


The Model 8700 vinyl garage door is engineered to provide a maintenance free and elegant look that will last a lifetime. It won’t rust, fade, crack, or dent. It is the ultimate door for easy-care living.

* Rich woodgrain texture and deep raised panel offers the timeless design of freshly painted hardwood.
* This door has full PVC color construction. This means scratches will never show because the color goes all the way through the material.
* The UV-Resin used in the door’s construction contains special polymers that protect the door sections from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
* R-10 polyurethane insulation is permanently bonded to the vinyl skin for energy efficiency, durability and added rigidity.
* Twin 20-gauge steel C-channels run full length of each panel and are anchored to the interior steel stiles for strength.
* Recommended for coastal regions for its resistance to salt air and sand.

Color Options

1. Glacier White
2. Monterey Sand
3. Cape Cod Gray
4. Adobe Cream

Window Style

Cathedral I


Stockton I

Williamsburg I