StrongArm™ SVR303


  • Built to Last: Dual finish trivalent dichromate zinc-plated steel housing protects internal components from collision damage, corrosion, and rusting.
    Low Profile: 8″ (203mm) above grade to accommodate low ICC bars and complies with NHTSA guidelines.
  • High Visibility Barrier Arm: Hydraulic arm secures ICC bars from 8″ – 26″ (203mm – 660mm) above grade.
  • Wall or Ground Mounted Body Assembly: Strong anchor framed bracket
    with 13″ (330mm) back plate.
  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders:
    Ensure uninterrupted performance even
    during wet or flooded conditions.
  • PosiLock™ Securing Technology: Uses
    a mechanical locking system to keep
    trailer ICC bars in place.
  • IPS Sensor: Switchless technology. No mechanical sensors to adjust.
  • Blue Genius™ Gold Series II:Touch Control Panel with advanced lights communication package, audible alarm and touch buttons, and driver warning signs enable safe and efficient operation of the SVR303.


Many parts may be interchangeable with similar models.
† Sizes are not to scale.


Strength You Can Depend On
  • A high visibility barrier-style restraint arm safeguards against unscheduled truck departures.
  •  With a restraining force of 35,000lbs (15,909kgs), the StrongArm™ SVR303 helps prevent the dangers associated with unexpected horizontal trailer movement.
  • Complies with ANSI MH30.3 Standard.
Holds Strong
  • The SVR303 services a wide variety of trailers, including those with bent or damaged ICC bars (a.k.a. RIG bars or underride guards). This operating flexibility translates into improved productivity and increased efficiency.
  •  Compatible with air-ride suspension systems, enabling solid engagement and minimizing the risk of separation and worker injury.
  •  ICC bars are secured via a passive engagement system, resulting in less wear and tear and a lower lifetime cost of ownership.
  •  With a vertical restraining range of 8″ (203mm) to 26″ (660mm) and horizontal reach of 13″ (330mm), the SVR303 will detect and lock virtually any modern ICC bar.
PosiLock™: Safety That’s System-Friendly
  • Uses a mechanical lock to hold an ICC bar, taking pressure
    away from the hydraulic system.
Intelligent Touch Controls
  • The Blue Genius™ Gold Series II Touch Control Panel features include an LCD menu screen, function buttons and a flat-surface keypad with unique touch sensors.
  • Interior and exterior LED lights keep drivers and warehouse personnel advised of safety conditions.
  • Audible alarm built into the control panel alerts the dock
    attendant to potentially unsafe conditions, such as broken or missing ICC bars.
  • Audible touch buttons and keypad provide instant sound feedback to user input.
Safety Year-Round
  • Submersible: NEMA6 IPS sensor and double-acting hydraulic cylinders keep the unit operating safely and efficiently during wet or flooded conditions.
  •  Restraint arm dislodges or breaks apart obstacles that prevent it from properly parking.
  •  The restraint arm can be left engaged overnight, deterring trailer theft.
Award-Winning Restraint Technology
  • Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) that does not use mechanical switches and sensors to detect the ICC bar, resulting in more dependable performance.