Scissor Gates

For over thirty years, American Door has been manufacturing, installing and servicing rolling door products. We offer a wide variety of door types and slat configurations, which we custom manufacture for each particular customer need.

American Door Controls all aspects of the design and fabrication of your rolling service door. We use quality materials, expertly machined and fabricated to strict tolerances. Our quality control personnel inspect each door, before it leaves the factory, to ensure that it will provide years of proper operation. All of American Door manufactured products come with a one year warranty against any defect in materials, construction, or workmanship.

American Door standard Rolling Steel Service Doors are designed to provide many years of reliable operation. These units can be used for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, interior, and exterior applications, including retail storefronts, shipping and receiving areas, and exit doors. Our products are also suited for parking lots, warehouses, schools and more.

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Single Fixed Folding Security Scissor Gates:

Scissor Gates

American Doors Scissor Gates secure entranceways, hallways and receiving doors while allowing light and air to circulate through the opening.

– Use for standard openings, patio doors, garages, industrial and commercial use.
– One piece gates fit openings 3′ to 12′ wide and up to 8′ in height.
– All gates are ready to ship.

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Double Fixed Folding Security Scissor Gates:

Scissor Gates

Sturdy vertical gate rails mount and pivot the gate completely out of the opening. Equipped with self-securing center drop pin. Gates have universal mounting, on face or casing. Gates will lock together at the middle with use of a standard type padlock.

– Secure outside access during the day and provide added security at night
– Gate pairs can be made to any size width, maximum height of 10′.
– Double gates swing out of the way
– Sizes to fit just about any door opening.

Low Portable Folding Security Gates:

Scissor Gates

– Four foot high scissor gates to temporarily seal off areas of any size.
– Specifically designed to secure areas during maintenance, cleaning or service work.
– These gates can connect to one another to form perimeters or corners of any length.
– Portable steel security gates are lightweight and easy to move.

Portable Folding Security Gates:

Scissor Gates

American Door Scissor Gates secure entranceways. They fit through standard height doors and roll easily for storage.

– Portable scissor gates fit through standard height doors and roll easily for storage.
– Folding gates lock wall to wall with padlocks & hasp arrangement.
– One portable scissor gate spans openings up to 12′

Gates For Store Fronts & Vestibules:

Scissor Gates

The strongest, most secure steel retail security folding gates you can buy, these gates have twice the steel as our standard heavy duty gates. The Xtra-duty store front gate is designed on a continuous frame on all sides including top and bottom tracks, and utilizes vertical bars that do not lose height when opening. All gate models can be easily customized to fit any store front security need. Our retail security storefront gates can protect a single access point or provide a complete front-line wall of security. All American Door gate orders come with brackets, bearing washers and casters for easy and complete installation. All gates come in a galvanized finish that never needs maintenance, delivering a higher level of security with a lower cost of ownership. They stand up to 4-Season weather like heat, rain and snow and they won’t be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners. They are virtually maintenance free.

– Available in top hung and/or bottom rolling track configurations.
– Manufactured in heavy-duty and xtra-duty galvanized models.
– Xtra-Duty models configured with top and bottom track for maximum security.
– Provides around the clock protection 24/7
– Protect a single access point or a complete facade.

Scissor Gates
Scissor Gates

Heavy Duty Portable Security Gates

Scissor Gates

Ideal for temporary security measures in hallways, entryways and certain outside settings. Portable Security Gates extend in six foot increments to meet any need. When not in use the gates fold away and roll out of the way for easy storage. The gate is ideal for large crowded areas, sectioning off an area that is under construction or denying access to a hazardous work area.

The portable gate is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel and can withstand the harshest of enviornments. All gates are riveted back-to-back with aircraft quality rivets. The interior webbing is comprised of extra-strength galvanized steel and will not crack or bend. The durable rubber wheels allow for movement to any area in your facility.

Scissor Gates