Reflective Photo Eye

This versatile, reflective photo-eye is designed to withstand the challenges of heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. This photo-eye utilizes interference reduction technology or red light technology, which reduces interference from ambient lighting and infrared sensors often encountered around industrial door openings. In addition these monitored retro-reflective photo eyes feature technology that enables these sensors to further reduce interference from reflective surfaces. Ideal for heavy duty door applications.

The reflector photo eye has a range working distance from 5ft. to 35ft. (1.6m to 10.6m). The operation temperature for this product is -22o F 140o F (-30o C to 60o C). The terminal interface is monitored with 2-wire and comes with a connection cable of 6 1/2 ft. (2m), fine stranded, with a wire size of 24 (0.25mm2) AWG. The reflective photo eye comes with a polarized reflector that is placed on the opposite side of the door and is attached to the door with a snap-on installation requiring no wiring.