RapidFlex​™ Model 994 is a strutted, heavy-duty exterior high speed fabric door that is perfect for large openings and is best suited for manufacturing, mining, auto/transit, and parking garage applications. Its industry-leading pressure resistance features an independently tested static pressure resistance of 158 mph and a dynamic ultimate pressure resistance of 75 mph. The RapidFlex​™ Model 994 includes industry-leading standard safety features such as reversing edge, two sets of infrared obstruction detection sensors and door stop device.

Perfect for parking garages, mining, auto/transit and manufacturing facilities.

• Engineered for high cycles
– Springless design for minimal maintenance
– Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
– Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop
• Heavy-duty guide construction – 0.188″ thick high strength steel
• Articulating wind strut design with patent-pending roller windlock reduces noise and allows
for quick panel replacement while reducing curtain deflection under pressure;
allows door to operate under wind load
• Low maintenance breakaway design with impact detection and push-button self-repair;
plug and play wiring



Attributes General specifications
Application Exterior
Maximum width 24′
Maximum height 18′ at 24′ wide or 20′ at 23′ wide
Opening speed Up to 55″/sec
Closing speed Up to 40″/sec
Break-away self reset Yes
Pressure/wind resistance* Up to 22.0 PSF or 158 MPH
Operational pressure ** Up to 5 PSF or 75 MPH
Wind strut 4″ articulating roller wind strut
Door panel 3 layers of PVC-coated polyester with 2 layers of polyester weave
Vision option 20″ high windows spaced evenly across width of door
Operation Direct drive motor and gearbox system with a door stop device
Control Variable frequency drive
NEMA 4X cULus listed
Onboard self diagnostic and service reminder
Built-in padlockable field disconnect
Obstruction detection Infrared sensors mounted in-plane to the door curtain at 18″ and 50″- 54″ from floor
Reversing safety edge Wireless reversing edge
Electrical availability 230V AC 3PH; 460V AC 3PH; 575V AC 3PH
Actuation options Push button, key switch, pull switch, loop detector, motion detector, treadle switch, radio control
Signaling device options Red/green LED warning light, horn/strobe combination, rotating warning light
Warranty 5-Year Limited

* Pressure/wind resistance value is the ultimate pressure tested at door width of 20′. The mph is determined in accordance to ASCE 7-10 EXP B.
** Operational pressure value is the pressure tested up to 100,000 cycles at door width of 24′.