Our high speed interior fabric door, RapidFlex™ Model 991, is ideal for separating controlled environment spaces such as food and beverage facilities, high traffic zones, storage rooms and manufacturing areas to prevent cross contamination. This door features dual recessed photo eyes and a patent-pending curtain lock which allows the door to withstand pressure and enables it to be repaired quickly in the field.​

Perfect for manufacturing, distribution, food / beverage, cold storage and pharmaceutical facilities.

• Engineered for high cycles
– Springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance
– Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
– Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop
• Airtight design prevents airborne contaminants from entering a controlled environment
and reduces air exchange to no higher than 0.236 cfm/sf (ASTM E-283)
• Optional vision panels allow visual access and light
• Patent-pending curtain lock enables doors to be repaired quickly and in the field, unlike zippered doors
• Low maintenance breakaway design with side impact detection and push button self-repair;
plug and play wiring
• Hood is standard