Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler

American door / Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Levelers combine an innovative hold-down system with a simple design that is both ergonomic and easy to use. These solidly built dock levelers present a cost-effective and reliable solution for basic applications.


  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while extended
  • Heavy-duty main lift springs have a lifetime warranty
  • Mechanical fall-safe legs limit platform free-fall
  • Ergonomic soft-pull chain requires only 3lbs of force to deploy the deck
  • Maintenance strut supports both deck and lip for safe under-deck maintenance and inspections


Full Frame: Strategic design provides full deck support

Maintenance Strut: Supports both deck and lip for safe under-deck maintenance and inspections.

Yieldable Lip: Safely collapses if struck while extended.

Hold-down Assembly: Matches dock movement with trailer suspension.

Heavy-duty Lift Springs: Have a lifetime warranty.

Ergonomic Soft-pull Chain: Requires minimal force to deploy the deck.

Mechanical Fall-safe Legs: Limit platform free-fall.