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Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers

American Door / Blue Giant dock leveler allows for safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods to/from a transporter vehicle using forklifts or pallet trucks. A dock leveler must be able to support extremely heavy loads. It must also must be able to service a wide range of load bed heights and accommodate unevenly distributed loads. American Door / Blue Giant dock Leveler incorporates a “floating” rear hinge, otherwise know as Maintained Tilt, that allow the deck plate to tilt to accommodate canted load beds. When integrated with an American Door / Blue Giant Vehicle Restraint, the result is a dock leveler solution that reduces movement of the load bed and optimizes safety and efficiency. American Door / Blue Giant Dock Leveler is designed to withstand the repeated abuse of dynamic stresses, while maintaining its versatility and structural integrity.

Product Description


Hydraulic Operating System: Easy to operate, quiet and smooth cycling. Electro-hydraulic raising and hydraulic lowering of the dock leveler controlled from a remote single push button station.
Remote push-button control station: Provide a single operation push button control station with constant pressure and thermal reset button.

Vehicle Restraint Type:

Electro-hydraulic operated non-impact design. Wall mounted.

Safety Devices:

Full operating range metal toe guard protection
Hydraulic velocity fuse “fall safe” to limit free fall
Cross traffic support. Lip engaged in saddles
Corner below level stops
Telescopic v-grooved maintenance strut, integral to unit
Chamfered lip

Optional Accessories:

Foam insulation underside of deck
Under deck support for 3 wheel lift truck applications
Side and rear rubber style weather seals
Side and rear nylon brush weather seals
Remote mounted power pack on hydraulic hose
Automatic dock leveler return to cross traffic position
Pour in pan (dock leveler welded to a steel pan, allowing it to be poured in place after concrete slab is poured)
Vehicle restraint to keep trailer securely stationed at the loading dock

Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers

American Door offers a wide range of capacities, deck sizes, deck constructions and both hydraulic and mechanical operation to suit virtually any application, in any environment. Mechanical dock levelers are spring biased upwards and incorporate a hold down mechanism, while hydraulic units are powered by an electro-hydraulic system.

Regardless of your application the most economical and durable solution is an American Door / Blue Giant Dock Leveler.

Dock Safety

The American Door/ Blue Giant XDS Extra Dock Safety System, is the only 3-in-1 system that forklift roll-off, overhead door damage, and unscheduled truck departures at the loading dock. The XDS system features our flagship hydraulic door with lights communication package, and I-beam dock leveler. Prevent costly physical injury with the American Door / Blue Giant Extra Dock Safety System.

Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers

Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock seals and shelters greatly improve energy conservation, internal temperature and worker environment, product and packaging protection from outside elements, employee safety, as well as, reduce pilfering at the loading bay.

Many configurations are available from basic types of compression dock seals, standard dock shelters, inflatable seals to hybrid dock seal/shelter/inflatable designs.


Virgin polyurethane foam cut in-house to your specifications
Heavy duty treated wood
Models made with 22-oz vinyl have an extra layer of 22oz vinyl sewn into the back surface of side pads providing double protection
3″ wide yellow guide-stripe on full length of side pads allows easy spotting by vehicle driver
Breather vent holes on side pads and head pad allow air and moisture to be released
Inside draft flap to provide better bottom seal
Durable fabrics in a wide range of weights, styles and colors
Bottom of side pads are tapered to prevent excessive wear
Hardware is galzanized or zinc-coated


Extra-high Head Pads
Drop curtain
Wear Pleats
Tapered Side Pads
Wear Face
Galvanized steel back board

Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers
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